Feb 20

Throwback Thursday: #Swagon2014

As a sister from sunny California, I was a little out of my comfort zone at Wagon State Days in Seattle. First of all the climate—something I am quite in love with now—was freezing. And apparently that weekend was warm for Seattle residents. Fortunately I had actually packed smart, and the layers upon layers I brought kept me warm! Secondly, I knew I would be one of just 2 sister representatives in attendance. Not only were there a lot of people to meet, as I had not met many Brothers from Washington or Oregon, but I was mentally preparing to sing the Affirmation as a duet. Even with all of this, Gamma put together a weekend so awesome that none of my concerns negatively affected my time at all. I had an amazing experience and left excited to return for DLC.

On Friday two brothers from Gamma picked me up from the airport and immediately had a warm drink for me! We headed back to their house, aka “Headquarters,” and waited for more people to arrive. After more people had made it to Seattle, we crammed into the small, 5-seater car and drove over to something called Gas works. This grassy hill area by the water in Seattle has the most beautiful view of the city. We put down a bunch of blankets and stayed warm as we looked at the city skyline. The buildings were lit up, many with Seattle Seahawks colors, and the sky was decorated with tons of stars. Eventually we moved down to a covered area and that’s where I got to meet the many brothers from Gamma and a couple of Mu Pi attendees. The evening was a relaxing and fun time to hangout while more brothers from Oregon drove up. We ended the evening with hot chocolate and playing a ridiculous game of Fish Bowl.

The next day started with a musical tour of campus. Gamma has been working on increasing their musicianship and they put that on display for the Wagon States Days attendees. There were five ensembles set up around campus: a kazoo choir that played Hakuna Matata and a Macklemore song, a clarinet sextet that performed the Mario theme song, a saxophone quartet who played Bohemian Rhapsody, a flute choir that performed A Whole New World, and a brass quintet who played….something classical. Not only did we get to see the campus and spend time with our tour group, but we also got to hear really great music first thing Saturday morning! After the tour, we went to lunch and came back to play in a reading band. I personally loved the reading band because I am not currently in a band and miss performing tremendously AND because one of the songs we played I already knew. I had played it during a band trip across Europe, and that trip is one of the main reasons I continued in band after high school. That evening we had a movie and game night, which, like the night before, became ridiculous and hilarious. After all was finished we circled up, and Becca Toda (the other alumna sister in attendance) and I paired up in the middle. We sang the Affirmation, attempting to cover the 3 parts between two people, and then happily listened to the Kappa Kappa Psi Hymn. It finally really felt like District Season.

Sunday morning Gamma provided attendees with a pancake breakfast complete with coffee, tons of milk, fruit, eggs, and more. We got to dine in a fancy room near their basketball arena. That morning was such a bittersweet goodbye to the weekend. Wonderful Brothers from Wagon were headed away, and although I knew I’d see many of them at DLC, it was still a goodbye. The weekend reminded me that this District is jam packed with passionate and friendly people, and I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to meet them at Swagon 2014!

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