Feb 19

The Stages of ‘Hyped’ for WDC

I missed DLC for the first time this year since becoming active 🙁

But as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

And my heart seems to be beating rapidly and irregularly every time I think of how excited I am for this year’s Western District Convention.

As you may know, Psi and EK and UCLA are hosting WDC this year, so it’s been on our minds for a while. I’ve always been one of the strong proponents of PsiEK hosting WDC, and even was one of the representatives who bid for it at WDC-Boise last year, but it always seemed so far away!

When this school year began, my best memories of the past four years started flooding back to me. And, no surprise, a bunch of them are due to the Western District! So nostalgia started playing a part in my growing Hype.

Next stage- When we filmed the WDC promotional video. Not only was it incredibly fun to spend the day at the beach with a few PsiEK people, but thinking about a sh**-ton of other brothers and sisters coming to LA to experience the wonderful-ness increased my hype marginally.

Last stage, and biggest one- WDC Registration opened. Talk about reality hitting you! Now, everytime something Western District related comes up, I struggle to contain my excitement.

Thank you, Western District, for giving me something to be this excited about, even after about 4 years as part of Kappa Kappa Psi!




P.S., this article really has no purpose, but allows me to vent and share my excitement with all of you. And allows me to post on the Accent, which I don’t do nearly enough.

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