Sep 26

The Podium

What do you know about our national joint publication the Podium? Did you know that the website is super nice, or that it has a similar function as the accent? Did you also know that you can read the entire podium online? With help from brothers and sisters across the entire country, and Nicolas Smith (Publications Manager) a 48 paged booklet was created. The Podium can be found right Here. The one thing I did notice about the podium is not one article was from someone who is from The West except from the current TBS National President Dawn Farmer. (and she definately does not count Sorry Dawn!) It is going to be my goal to change that for the spring edition. I will be writing an article, and I will urge each and everyone one of you to try your hardest to also submit an article. This deadline is November 1st, and that submission page is right Here.


Speaking of writing good articles, I could use some articles to add to this publication. Not that I don’t love writing these weekly articles, because I do, I think the west could really use an article or two from someone who is not me! A few prompts that might help you think of something interesting would be the following.

Write about a service project you have recently done as a chapter.

Write about a recent piece of music you have played that made you even more excited about music.

Write about a brotherhood or sisterhood activity that made you remember why you fell in love with these orginzatons.

Write about a fundraiser that you recently did and what was successful or unsucessful about it.

Write about being a leader for the first time in your marching band.

Write about creating a sucessful chapter website.

Write about a reception you put on for a wind ensemble or other similar group.

Or anything else you can think of!


Remember the Accent and the Podium are OUR publications. Without our participation they have no purpose at all. Just keep that in mind.

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