Mar 04

Rekindling the Flame

There have been few times where I experienced the infamous district event hangover – those few cloudy moments when you finally wake up in your own bed and ask yourself “did that really happen?” Waking up the Monday after District Leadership Convention 2014 had ended, I was in a bit of haze. I thought to myself that it had to have been a dream. It couldn’t have been real to have met so many amazing new friends and to have caught up with so many old friends. It couldn’t have been real to talk in such depth with other chapters about differences in our programs and projects, or to help each other find solutions to our individual problems. It couldn’t have been real to learn so much about myself and what I can do to be a better brother to my brothers and (importantly) to my sisters. But it was real. As Facebook began to notify me of waiting friend requests and pictures I had been tagged in, I knew that all of those things and more had happened.

This being my first DLC since becoming Active, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d only ever experienced States’ Days so I was interested to see how DLC would be different. However, from the very first day, those initial thoughts lost all significance as what I experienced, and would experience over the weekend, went beyond anything I could have expected or imagined. Exchanging ideas with other chapters with incredible energy and clearly defined goals inspired me to take an even more active role in my chapter. Being able to focus on sisterhood (something that I had never really thought about) showed me just how important those bonds are and motivated me to make a concentrated effort to incorporate sisters into my life. Additionally, the focus on how what we learned over the weekend could be taken back to our chapters and also into other aspects of our lives really allowed me to think about Kappa Kappa Psi in an entirely new light. Further, the moments of reflection gave me an opportunity to relish in the things that my chapter had accomplished thus far, and instilled in me an intense sense of pride.

Ultimately, the thing that impacted me the most over the weekend is something that I can’t really put into words. The week leading up to DLC was very emotionally trying for me. By that Friday evening I had nothing left to give – it felt like my fire had gone out. But something as beautifully simple as writing warm fuzzies for brothers and sisters or letting loose with the Cupid Shuffle rekindled the flame within me. I had never felt the bond as strongly as I did over that weekend and that is what I am most thankful for. What could have only been described as a dream was a reality.


Thank you to everyone who came to Seattle and played a part in this incredible experience; I’ll see you at WDC!

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