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ΤΒΣ Programs

Marching Through Life: 8 to 5

Throughout the 2013-2014 school year, sisters are encouraged to practice living by the 8 Essential Factors and Five Qualities of Tau Beta Sigma. Sisters have been provided with set of tools for learning, and it is important to practice incorporating them into our daily lives in order to become better musicians, sisters, and leaders. For more information and inspiration, check out our Facebook Group.


These monthly online meetings bring representatives from each Western District Chapter together to discuss important updates. This not only gives active members an opportunity to participate on a District level, but allows District officers to receive clear feedback and suggestions so that the DOs can work more efficiently to serve the West!

Tau Beta Sigma Website Hunt

The following three website hunts were created to help encourage actives to know how to navigate through the national website for Tau Beta Sigma. Actives are challenged to answer the questions as completely and accurately as possible, using information found on tbsigma.org. Learn more about the history, current leaders, and opportunities available on this fun website hunt adventure.

Part I · Part II · Part III

Wherever it May Lead Us

This District-wide program was created in Spring 2013 to encourage a steady increase in attendance at District events. Over the next 5 years (2014-2019) chapters are charged with the task of increasing attendance at District Leadership Conference and Western District Convention. For the 2014 District season, chapters have the common goal to have 15% of their membership at DLC and 20% of their membership at WDC.

Virtual Workshop Series

On February 2nd and 27th of 2014 the TBS District Council is offering an online leadership opportunity to any and all sisters in the West. Come for an hour or two and attend up to 4 different workshops. We will be discussing PMEs, sisterhood, District officership, and how to train your officers. This is a new event for the District and we hope for strong discussions and positive learning atmosphere! Sign up for this exciting event!