Oct 18

One last time

havasuWhen I first started college I had no idea of the incredible journey I would soon embark on. I like so many of us had a love for music and band and wanted to help out as much as I could. I quickly joined a Club by the name of Hornets In Music or HIM as we called it. It was basically a club made to mirror Kappa Kappa Psi as we waited to be an official colony.

Since the beginning of our colonization till now I have had the privilege to work on countless projects and welcome and abundance of brothers into my chapter. I am my chapter’s founding Vice President, and held multiple offices including Service Director and President. I have three little bro’s who are incredibly stubborn, uncontrollable, and just weird. Like me so it’s the perfect match.

This entire year has been one incredible and truly emotional one for me. I don’t think many people understand that me and my fellow alpha class worked day and night and through some straight up bullshit to establish our chapter. Not only was I able to see the fruition of our work but to be apart of it. I made sure that my role as the last alpha was not to control nor dictate what chapter should do but rather my best efforts to foster new leadership and to push us beyond what we considered our limit.

It’s crazy to me to think we crossed our Epsilon class! like it was just yesterday we barley crossed and where rushing our Beta class!! Now they are getting ready for our Zeta class wow time sure does fly.  Our last retreat was probably one of the best if not the best chapter retreat I have ever experienced. There was a time when my chapter was not super brotherly but rather divided. This year our retreat was full of EXTREME love and acceptance that just made me stand in awe at one point to see how far we have come.


We stayed a total of four three nights! We had one full day at the lake wish was just wonderful. One day of free time and that night we had a few bonding games and our transfer ceremony. Which was basically 4 hours straight of us crying our hearts out of how much we are going to miss each other. We ended the night however singing our hymn outside under the stars. We had many laughs and ALOT of raunchy and ratchet moments kuz you know, we be who be and of course we ate constantly kuz that’s also what we do.

I will always keep the memories of my chapter close to my heart and Mu Phi will do great things in it’s future. I have complete faith in that.

Now I’m excited to start my raunchy journey as an alumni.


Manuel “Mango” Gonzalez

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