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Jan 29

Updated Site!

Hello district! It is with great excitement that I announce the new website of The Western District! All the chapters various info has been updated and we now have a new listserv. Be sure to register for it under the district resources so you are kept updated with news! Any questions, be sure …

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Jun 08

WDC 2k15


          From the heart of the Sonoran desert where temperatures can easily break one hundred degrees in the summer (and let’s face it, most of the spring and fall too), we know that not many things are worth melting for, but after this amazing weekend spent with our sisters and …

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Oct 18

One last time


When I first started college I had no idea of the incredible journey I would soon embark on. I like so many of us had a love for music and band and wanted to help out as much as I could. I quickly joined a Club by the name of Hornets In Music …

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Apr 19

Music in Film (by JoJo Younan)

I am a film major, so writing for this article was not easy until Miranda (publisher for the Boman) brought up a good point, “write about music in film since you’re a film major.” I know. It took me this long to realize that. Do not judge me. However, I cannot express how important music …

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Apr 19

Music to Reflect (by Karli Smith)

I am a junior majoring in anthropology with a minor in dance, and I play tenor and bari saxophone. My hope is to be accepted to Teach For America as a corps member when I graduate next spring, and ultimately to pursue a career in education. To prepare me for this path, I am creating …

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Mar 04

Rekindling the Flame

There have been few times where I experienced the infamous district event hangover – those few cloudy moments when you finally wake up in your own bed and ask yourself “did that really happen?” Waking up the Monday after District Leadership Convention 2014 had ended, I was in a bit of haze. I thought …

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Feb 20

Throwback Thursday: #Swagon2014

As a sister from sunny California, I was a little out of my comfort zone at Wagon State Days in Seattle. First of all the climate—something I am quite in love with now—was freezing. And apparently that weekend was warm for Seattle residents. Fortunately I had actually packed smart, and the layers …

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Feb 19

The Stages of ‘Hyped’ for WDC


I missed DLC for the first time this year since becoming active 🙁

But as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

And my heart seems to be beating rapidly and irregularly every time I think of how excited I am for this year’s Western District Convention.

As you may know, Psi and EK …

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Feb 17

Omega’s Process through the Eyes of a Prospective Member

Every semester, the Omega Chapter puts a new class of Prospective Members through our twelve week process to become a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi. The process is meant to teach Prospective Members about our organization’s ideals, history, and what it truly means to be a brother. Reflection on …

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Dec 20

How Kappa Kappa Psi Has Changed Us: A Collective Response from the Gamma Chapter

In response to this month’s Accent I asked each active member to sum up in a minimum of 3 words or phrases ways in which they have changed since joining Kappa Kappa Psi and instead of trying to consolidate them all into a cohesive article I created the word cloud pictured above with the …

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