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University of Arizona

Omega (KKΨ)
Omega (TBΣ)
Founding Date: May 7, 1929  Founding Date: May 14, 1950
Nathan “Semofo” Salazar – President
Drew “Eros Peos” Eary- VPA
Tatlin “Holla” Barber – VPM
Victor “Nightfury” Urrea- GOB
Tracie “TIA” Birch – Secretary
More “Fiesta” Song – Treasurer
Amber “LolAHHH” Sumpter – Historian
Becky “The Captain” McGinn – Alumni Secretary
Cesar “L.L.” Urrea- Parliamentarian
President: Ashlee Espensen
VP of Membership: Meg Smith
VP of Activities: Cassandra Ayala
Treasurer: Marisa Lunde
Secretary: Marica Whittemore
Alumni Secretary: Mike Ion
Historian: Nicholas Cohen
Parliamentarian: Alyssa Robinson
Contact Information
Omega- University of Arizona
School of Music – Rm. 166
The University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721-0004
The University of Arizona
Music Building Room 166
Tucson, AZ 85721
The Omega Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psiwas installed at the University of Arizona on May 7,1929. H.H. McMullen, president of the Bandsmen Club at the University, along with 18 fellow members, petitioned for membership. In 1954, the most prominent band director the University of Arizona ever had, Professor Jack K Lee was hired. Along with the help of the fraternity and sorority, Professor Lee started the first annual high school band day festival. Today, our active membership is usually around 30-35 members and we still help out the band on road trips, set up and tear down for concerts and rehearsals, and host U of A Band Day every Fall. Our organization has grown and matured, taking on new and greater responsibilities, with over 925 actives, alumni, and honoraries to our credit. Although our membership has changed over the years, and new traditions have taken the place of old ones, our devotion to bands and this fraternity has not. We are proud of what we have accomplished and our ever constant goal to strive for the highest, well into the future.

Tau Beta Sigma, the Omega Chapter, has a lot of fun working closely with the University of Arizona bands and the incredible Omega Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi. In the Fall, we have the opportunity to jointly assist the Pride of Arizona Marching Band by running the University of Arizona Band Day and helping out as needed throughout the season. Aside from helping the University, TBS Omega gets to put forth efforts in making the Tucson, Arizona community a better place by volunteering at women’s shelters, local schools, and local hospitals. The members of TBS Omega enjoy performing service, and also love growing closer together as sisters and best friends.